Message from the Chief

The GOAL of the Lewistown Police Department is to provide professional police services to the citizens of Lewistown.  The Lewistown Police meets our professional goals by placing a strong emphasis on interactions between the Police Department and the Community.

The MISSION of the Lewistown Police Department is to reduce crime and its effects, provide efficient services and safeguard the general welfare of the Citizens of Lewistown.  Lewistown Police shall maintain a joint partnership with the citizens of the community and are proud to be “Serving our community with pride.”

David K. Clemens

Chief of Police

Lewistown Police Department


Calls For Service:  5,922 (2023)  6,554 (2022)   5,675 (2021)   4,897 (2020)    

  • 154 (2023) 111 (2022) 131 (2021) Criminal Arrests
    •   1 (2023) 2 (2022) 1 (2021) Homicide Arrests
    • 46 (2023) 31 (2022) 26 (2021) Drug Related Arrests
    • 27 (2023) 37 (2022) 23 (2021) DUI Arrests
    • 41 (2023) 23 (2022) 24 (2021) Assault Related Arrests
    • 11 (2023) 18 Theft/Burglary Arrests
  • 416 (2023) 422 (2022) 342 (2021) Traffic Citations Issued
  • 242 (2023) 187 (2022) 199 (2021) Non-traffic Citations Issued
  • 2,039 (2023) 4,744 (2022) 4,574 (2021) Parking Tickets Issued
  • 137 (2023) 198 (2022) Traffic Crashes Investigated

Awarded two new grants for 2023-2024:   

Local Law Enforcement Support Grant:

  • Received $306,882 in funding for new technology equipment
  • New per capita rugged laptops and related in-car equipment- Issued*
  • License plate readers- Received but not yet installed.*
  • New updated Records Management System- Live as of November 2023*
  • Funding to continue the Mental Health Co-Responder Program

Medical Marijuana Enforcement Act Grant:

  • Receiving $46,221 in funding for DUI Enforcement Training
  • Annual Update training for current DRE (2023-2024)- Completed in December 2023*
  • ARIDE training for nine officers- Four new officers trained in ARIDE- 2023*
  • Two officers completed SFST Instructor Certification Training in 2023*
  • Training of a new department DRE- Two officers to attend DRE training in 2024*
  • Will cover all training, travel, and overtime expenses

Accreditation Grant Awarded for 2024-2025:

  • Awarded $91,695 to be used for accreditation purposes.
  • New evidence lockers and security devices for evidence storage
  • Accreditation software and consulting services
  •  More secure server for storage of digital evidence and body camera footage
  • Accreditation should be completed by the end of 2024.

Application for K-9 Grant Funding:

  • Grant Application submitted for funding for a K-9 unit.
  • The funding amount requested is $121,336.
  • Funding would cover all start-up costs such as vehicle, acquisition of the canine, training for the canine and officer, kennel, vet costs, and food. 
  • We should receive award notice sometime in the beginning of 2024.

Department Drone:

  • Acquired a department drone with thermal imaging.
  • Used for Search and Rescue and Evidence collection.
  • Useful for surveillance in high-risk incidents.
  • Can be used for 3-D mapping of structures. (Schools, Government Buildings, Critical Infrastructure, etc…)

Department Vehicles: 

  • Current fleet consists of four marked patrol vehicles and two unmarked:

       2014 Ford Taurus Interceptor 120,432 Miles

       2017 Ford Taurus Interceptor (Unmarked) 35,612 Miles

       2017 Ford Fusion (Unmarked) 33,896 Miles

       2020 Ford Explorer      44,183 Miles

       2020 Ford Explorer      24,653 Miles

       2022 Ford Explorer      11,102 Miles

Mental Health Co-Responder Program (Grant Funded):

  • Mental Health Co-Responder program has been a great benefit to the department and to the borough residents.   
  • Co-Responder works within the department to assist on calls involving mental health issues as well as many others (domestics, deaths, homeless, public intoxication, elder abuse, etc..).
  • Referrals are made to the co-responder who then follows up with individuals to assure they are directed to the proper resources to address their needs.
  • This program has allowed officers to concentrate more on crime related issues and has been effective in diverting individuals away from the criminal justice system.
  • Current grant funding through October 2024. 
  • Our program has been invited to the National MH Co-Responder conference in Omaha, NE in June 2024 to present information on our program and the successes we have had.   


Officers Completed Numerous Training Courses throughout the year:  (Over 976 training hours)

Average of 69 hours per officer (MPOETC requires 12 hours per year) 

Topics Covered:

     Mental Health/First Aid (All officers trained)                                     Use of Force

     Crisis Intervention (All officers trained)                                               Vehicle Pursuit

     SFST (Standard Field Sobriety Testing)                                                 First Aid/CPR

     Interview and Interrogation                                                                   Criminal Investigations


     ARIDE (Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement)

     DRE (Drug Recognition Expert)

     Policies and Procedures



Community Service Events:

National Night Out

  • NNO was a great success. It was held in conjunction with all local departments and PSP.
  • Over 75 local businesses and organizations participated.

Trunk or Treat

Shop with A Cop Event

Fill-A-Cruiser ($406 plus two truckloads of food)

  • Items were donated to the Lumina Center and Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard

Delivery of Christmas Meals with Granville United Methodist Church

Collected over 318 lbs. of unwanted prescription medications in our drug take back initiative.

Current roster:

  • 7 full-time patrol officers (3 vacancies)
  • 1 Detective (Criminal Investigations)
  • 1 Patrol Sergeant (Supervisor)
  • 1 Full-time Department Narcotics Investigator
  • 1 School Resource Officer (40 hours/week- paid by the Mifflin County School District)
  • 1 Executive Officer (2nd in command- assists with administrative tasks as well as evidence, body camera management, accreditation, drone operations, and supervisory tasks) 
  • 1 Chief of Police
  • 1 Administrative Assistant

Civil Service Testing will be conducted in early 2024 to establish a new hiring list.