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There is hereby established under the authority of the Borough Code (Ordinance No.2011-10) a Police Advisory Board of the Borough of Lewistown.

The purpose of the Police Advisory Board is to establish a forum for an effective liaison and communication between the Borough, the Mayor, the Police Department and the Community, to promote efficient and professional police services and to promote the general health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the Borough of Lewistown by:

  • advising and making recommendations to the Borough Council, the Mayor, the Borough Manager and/or to the Chief of Police as to police protection and services within the Borough;
  • reviewing, advising and making recommendations as to police department, policies, procedures and programs;
  • promoting public awareness of the Borough’s police services and programs;
  • soliciting public input concerning the Borough’s police services and programs; and
  • reviewing and making recommendations conerning such other matters which may be referred to it by the Borough Council, the Mayor, the Borough Manager and /or the Chief of Police.
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