Lewistown Police are no longer looking for a white vehicle in connection with a reported child luring this past weekend.  The original report filed with the police involved a five year old boy who was walking on Chestnut Street with two adults when the alleged incident occurred. Due to the nature of the incident a vehicle description was given to the public.

Investigators over the past two days, have conducted interviews and reviewed videos of the incident captured by local security cameras and have concluded the witnesses misinterpreted what had in fact occurred.  No luring of the child did occur and police are not looking for the previously described person or vehicle.   Police are encouraging people to report any suspicious activity involving children so that it can be investigated.

Although this incident did not occur as originally reported,  Lewistown Police are asking the public to use this opportunity to reinforce safety recommendations from the National Safety Council for young children  including:

  • Children should first check with parents or guardians before going anywhere
  • Telling children  not to ever accept rides in vehicles when not with family members
  •  Encourage children to tell a trusted adult anytime something has scared them
  • Children should walk with a friend whenever possible and use the buddy system
  • Teaching children to say “no” to any adult who is making them feel uncomfortable