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“The mission of the Lewistown Police Department is to provide needed services to the community, businesses, visitors and other agencies to reduce crime, solve problems, preserve life and property, maintain human rights and enhance the quality of life in the Lewistown Borough.”


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Join your neighborhood Community Block Watch group…. For more information, contact the LPD office # 717-248-6716.


Borough of Lewistown

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2 East Third Street
Lewistown  PA  17044
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PH # 717-242-1145

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Community Center
PH # 717-248-3498


10-28-2014  06:00PM

LPD police responded to a report of a bicyclist that had been struck by a vehicle on South Juniata Street.  Investigating officers determined that a 14 year old male from Lewistown had actually not been struck a vehicle, but had crashed his bike into a parked vehicle while attempting to perform a trick jump.  The juvenile was not injured and the vehicle received minor scratches.


LPD investigated the theft from two unlocked vehicles that were parked on Chestnut Street and Logan Street.  The first incident involved the theft of a compound bow, a range finder, a pair of Nike air sneakers and a camouflage hunting bag.  The second vehicle had a wallet stolen from inside it.  Police are warning residents to lock their vehicle and bring all valuables inside their homes.


LPD arrested a 31 year old Lewistown man for criminal mischief and criminal trespass after a call was received that someone had broken into a Chestnut Street apartment.  Investigating officers responded to the scene and found a window had been broken out of an apartment.  Officers then located a male subject who was identified as Justin Null, age 31, stated the apartment belonged to a friend of his and that he had forgotten the key.  The owner of the apartment was located and stated he did know Null but that he was not given permission to enter it.  Null was charged with Criminal Mischief and Criminal Trespass and placed in Mifflin County Correctional Facility.



The Lewistown Police Department announces a full time municipal police officer test on SATURDAY, November 15th, 2014.  Applications and the $25 Application Fee are due by 12 noon WEDNESDAY, November 12th, 2014.

Lewistown Police Department works to be an integral part in keeping a community of 8,500 residents safe by working with citizen groups, businesses, and our many service organizations.

Please find the TEST Notification and the 2014 PRELIMINARY Application under the EMPLOYMENT tab above.

Contact the office # 717-248-6716 or email info@lewistownpolice.org with questions or for more information.



mpLEWISTOWN POLICE DEPARTMENT has recently noted a “significant increase” in various schemes where fraudsters tried or succeeded in collecting payments via MoneyPak for online loans or sweepstakes prizes — both turned out to be either fraudulent or nonexistent.

Scammers are moving away from seeking payments via wire transfer and instead asking consumers to give them money via MoneyPaks.  We believe this is likely due to the fact this form of payment is quite convenient — for both consumers and scammers — and untraceable. (read more…)